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Online Course on Planning Weight Loss Diets for a Dietitian (American University of Madaba)

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The course is online and you can register and attend it from anywhere in the world Course includes: Different formulas for calculating daily calories for different categories of men, women, pregnant women, children and adolescents Calculation of daily calories, food rations and how to reduce calories Low- and moderate-carbohydrate diet Very low calorie diets, meal replacement types, and how to include them in the diet High protein diet and different protein alternatives Keto diet and how to use it Diet and intermittent fasting Weight stability problems and ways to overcome them Using the exchange system and methods of introducing complex foods and Arabic foods The course will be presented in an easy way for the student and different from the rest of the courses because it will discuss the scientific material in an applied manner through the experience of Dr. Ruba Musharbash, and the certificate will also be accredited by the American University in Madaba

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